Edinburgh Living Lab

Air Inverleith

Air Inverleith by team 4 Colours aims to encourage the community to cycle and walk more by raising awareness about air quality in the neighbourhood. The more people walk or cycle, the better the air quality will become, resulting in healthier and more pleasant communities.

  We used an online and paper survey to gather information about the perceptions and behaviours. Additionally, we discussed this with residents in different strategic public places and thereby gained an in-depth understanding of their perceptions and attitudes. In order to maximise the impact of our action, we asked Inverleith locals to install biodegradable light-blue balloons in front of their house as a sign to show that they care about air pollution.

Finally, we measured the levels of NO2 in key locations in Inverleith neighbourhood, using an innovative air sensor device developed by the Centre of Speckled Computing, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. Based on the results, we installed a white 36″ biodegradable latex balloon in five of our chosen locations. In an attempt to make the invisible visible, we partially covered each balloon with black paint in a way that corresponded to the level of air pollution at the location in question. We created this installation to visualise and communicate our air quality measurements, in order to raise awareness and encourage reflection and discussion.

Website: https://airinverleith-livinglab.rhcloud.com
Twitter:  @AirInverleith
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airinverleith